About us

RMC Holding is a group of service companies, providing the full range of industrial services in the sector of power engineering. RMC Holding was founded in 2005 in consequence of the reform of “RAO UES of Russia”. RMC inherited highly qualified staff and invaluable experience of working with industrial power engineering equipment. It provides services on the major part of the European territory of Russia and its division into local companies lets the company be region sensitive in the projects. The company is constantly developing by improving the qualification of the employees, introducing the newest technologies and extending the range of services provided.  The number of company customers is growing. Now it works not only with energy service companies but also with companies operating in other spheres of economy.

RMC Holding pays particular attention to building and constant sophisticating of corporate management system; is fast in reporting investors and shareholders all the key events of the company activity; as well as meets all the statutorily required demands of information disclosure.

Corporate management of RMC group of companies is based on the principles set in the Corporate Codes of Conduct of the Federal Commission for Securities Market. The company is being driven to transparency, and information awareness which will definitely result in strengthening the confidence of the shareholders, investors and partners. 


Regional coverage/ Divisions

4  regional divisions in Tula, Voronezh, Volgograd and Krasnodar: 

Having regional divisions RMC is able to provide services in Central and Southern Federal Districts of the Russian Federation as well as in the adjacent areas.                                                               

Regional divisions, coordinated by the management company in Moscow, become more and more independent, flexible and mobile.

RMC realizes large-scale, frequently unique, projects for the leading Russian and foreign companies. RMC is constantly developing new business streams, acquiring more customers from different spheres of economy.

Providing smooth-running operation of energy facilities


·provide maintenance services, manufacture, supply and install equipment;

·Engineer and construct facilities. 


Biggest Russian and foreign companies have been entrusting their major project to RMC for many years now.   


RMC’s partners and customers are the leading companies operating in various spheres of the economy:  


·         Power generation companies (thermoelectric plants and boiler stations, hydroelectric power stations, heating lines and heat supply systems, electrical networks.)

·         Fuel and energy sector companies, processing, oil and gas, petrochemical, metallurgical, mechanical-engineering, and other industrial sectors companies.

·         Housing energy sites, agricultural companies, and construction and erection organizations.


Works and services

From fine tuning of the sophisticated equipment to the large scale construction. The specialist of RMC do all that is necessary to provide power systems no-failure operation.

Maintenance and repair of power-engineering equipment:

Maintenance and repair of:

·         Steam and hot-water boilers;

·         Steam and gas turbine equipment;

·         Chemical shop equipment;

·         Fuel feed equipment;

·         On-shore pumping stations equipment;

·         Control and instrumentation equipment;

·         Measurement systems, electric actuation automation and fault signaling and protection of the instrumentation and controls equipment, as well as the  Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment;

·         Fire safety devices of building and structures;

·         Сompressor equipment;

·         Diesel electro generators;

·         Overhead and gantry cranes, electric hoists;

·         Main and auxiliary equipment of heat and power CHP (boilers, turbines, generators, piping, pumps, exhaust fans, fans and so on.).


Manufacturing and replacement of:

·         heating surfaces of steam and hot water boilers;

·         technological pipelines. 


Corrosion protection of metal including rubber lining

Vibration diagnostics and balancing of rotating machines

Control of metal with all the ways possible



Construction and installation works, general construction works:


Packaged supply and installation of power equipment:

·         gas and steam turbine plants;

·         steam and hot water boilers;

·         water treatment systems, pumping and compressor equipment;

·         piping, inspection and installation of shut-off valves;

·         plant equipment;

·         control and instrumentation equipment.

Manufacturing and installation of:

·         metal structures of any complexity;

·         reservoirs;

·         chimneys.

Installation of:

·         power equipment (boilers, turbines, etc.);

·         ventilation, aspiration systems (including assembly). 

General construction works (buildings, structures, walls, roofs and etc.), including:

·         construction of foundations;

·         construction of buildings from sandwich panels;

·         industrial premises interior finishing. 

Power equipment commissioning and start-up works.

Electric installation works.



Manufacturing of non-standard, custom equipment and parts:


·         spare parts and metal structures for standard and non-standard equipment;

·         heating surfaces for boilers, and piping elements;

·         steel structures for electrical networks and etc. 

Turning machining and heat treatment of spare parts and steel constructions of standard and non-standard equipment.

Restoration of worn details by spraying.

Metal processing with machine tools.



Technical auditing, design and engineering services:

All types of metal and welded connections quality and condition monitoring for power equipment; pipes during installation, operation, repair, reconstruction, technical diagnosis and examination of boiler inspection facilities, gas facilities, lifting equipment, explosive and chemically hazardous industries. 

Industrial safety examination of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities. 

Technical diagnosis.

Design of energy facilities, industrial and civil construction sites, including especially dangerous and technically complex capital construction projects.

Preparation of projects for:

·         reconstruction and modernization of power equipment, including thermal power plants and gas sector enterprises of various industrial purposes;

·         engineering of heating, ventilation, and gas services;

·         external gas supply systems;

·         technological solutions for industrial premises and constructions and their complexes;

·         work performance.



 “Turn-key” projects in industrial construction, energy sector construction, utilities and infrastructure construction:

Construction of buildings and structures (boiler stations, pump stations and so on.).

Reconstruction of:

·         boilers with the installation of the input safety valve;

·         energy systems instability prevention automation.

Reconstruction and technical re-equipment of emergency control automation at CHP.

Installation of the purge water system for boiler units.
Adjustment of the instability prevention automation.



Services in nuclear power engineering industry:

In the course of use (installation, repair, reconstruction, modernization) of nuclear facilities, nuclear power plant units we perform works and provide services to the operating organizations regarding the systems and components important for safety, and related to the 2, 3, 4 classes of security under OPB 88/97 (except for nuclear - hazardous and radiation-hazardous works).


Development of engineering and manufacturing documentation and production and control documentation for the above types of work.